Tracey Tau is a Melbourne based Milliner that has had a long love affair with fashion, textiles and design. 


Having studied pattern drafting and dressmaking in her formative years, she continues to be inspired by the wonderful texture, elegant flow or amazing colour of a piece of fabric.  It is this passion for textiles, coupled with her great love and respect for anything vintage, that drives most of her inspiration in the workroom.  

Tracey began studying millinery at Kangan Institute in 2013, following a fruitful career of almost 30 years in the thoroughbred  racing industry. What began as a practical hobby for someone who’s vocation called for a constant stream of hats, quickly blossomed under the training of some of Australia’s leading Milliners including: Serena Linderman, Kim Fletcher, Richard Nylon, Rose Hudson and (the late) Paris Kyne among others.   


Tracey’s design process is dynamic. Her inspiration begins by exploring different fabrics, trims and unique hat blocks,  and will often evolve into something quite different from  the original conceptualisation.

TOOALI means ‘The Only One Around Like It’ and this forms the ethos of the brand. Tracey is passionate about creating original works that are completely unique. Whilst some styles may be similar, Tracey strives to create pieces that have their own personality and are as individual as the heads they adorn.